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Google Trends: Mapped

Google Trends is a website that analyzes and presents search query data from Google. Topical is here to consolidate that search data into an easy-to-follow snapshot of what search topics are trending in countries around the world by displaying each country’s top search term on a map. If you want to delve deeper into what other search terms are trending, just click on any color-coded region.

All the buzz without the bias

Topical helps you visualize what real people are searching for on the Internet. Thus, many newsworthy topics will appear, but will always be filtered by everyday internet users rather than news organizations. We do display a news article related to each search term for your reference, but that has been automatically selected by Google Trends.



Every hour a story

The news cycle is fast, so each hour, our maps are updated to reflect the most recent trends. We aim to capture the broad strokes of what is captivating each region of the world. Common themes are sports, celebrities, and headlining news topics, but most of the time, you’ll also find unexpected search terms that flash across the map or linger for days! Drag the blue dot of the slider to look back in time or just leave the dot on the far right and it will auto-update every hour!

“Search data is like a direct channel into the consciousness of civilization.”